Band & Orchestral Rentals

Getting started in band or orchestra is an exciting time for the whole family. But where do you begin? How do you find the best deal, compare instruments or know which instrument is right for you?  We believe that process starts by choosing the right music store. One that speaks your language, treats you and your child with respect and courtesy, and takes the time to answer your questions simply and clearly.

That's Schafer's House of Music.

We are happy to be able to offer instruments for rent in various price ranges and styles.  For instance, we also offer rentals on new flutes, clarinets, lacquer trumpets, bell kits and trombones for $30.00 a month; rentals on alto saxophones is $60.00 a month.  All of our rentals are interest free and include a maintenance program.  Loaner instruments are available for no charge anytime your instrument needs to be repaired.  With a wide range of instruments we offer a rental to fit your budget.  If you decide to payoff the instrument early, you will be entitled to a 20% discount off of the remaining balance at the time of payoff.  If you are interested in a great deal, look at renting a reconditioned instrument.  It has all of the benefits of new at just a fraction of the price.  Best of all, if your child does not stay in band you may return the instrument and cancel the contract at any point. 


Guitar Rentals

Want to learn how to play guitar?  We can help get you started on the road to rock star status. Our guitar rental program provides you with an acoustic guitar for two months to help you decide if the guitar is the right instrument for you.  The rental fee is $30 for two months with a $20 deposit that is refundable upon return of guitar.  You may also use the money you paid for rental to pay off the remaining balance or to use it to apply towards another guitar.

We DO NOT rent out electric guitars


Buy Back Guarantee

This program is designed for individuals that want to take advantage of our cash discount offer yet want the ability to return the instrument if the child decides band is not a good fit. Those who take advantage of the program can receive a refund for the returned instrument less the rental fees had the instrument been rented.  If you have any questions about this program please see one of our associates.

Consignment Sales

Are you tired of seeing that old instrument just gathering dust.  Now is your chance to turn that instrument into some extra cash.  Bring your instrument into our store for a consignment consultation.  As always, please give us a call if you have any questions. You may reach our store at 517-546-2040.  Please note that we do not purchase the instrument from you.  We simply allow you to display it in our store and take a small commission for helping to sell your unwanted gear.


A well-maintained instrument is important for any musician.

Schafer’s House of Music has an excellent in-house repair shop to guarantee that your instrument gets the repairs that it needs.  Some repairs can be done while you wait, however, if the instrument does need to stay for any length of time, we do have loaner instruments available.  Our repair staff offers free evaluations and estimates for all repairs.  If you choose not to have the instrument repaired, you pay nothing.