We Are Now A CardioStix Retailer

Cardio drumming takes a simple movement - drumming - and turns it into a full-body workout that will leave you smiling, sweating, and feeling great

CardioStix is a great company that has Quality Gripped American Hickory Drumsticks; available in Basic, Plus and Premium Timbale.

Basic with Standard 4" Grip

Our response to the competing fitness sticks and an upgrade from our prior 4 oz. maple sticks, we bring to you our upgraded hickory sticks with grips. 

Available in four hot colors: 

Poundin' Pink 
Pumpin' Hot Pink 
Lively Lavendar 
Movin' Mint

List $18.99 Ours $16.99 with bag, add $3.00

Plus with Standard Water Based Clear Stickstuff Grip

So you're ready to bump it up to the Plus grade CardioStix? Good choice. These feature our holographic color options and include a clear, lightweight grip by StickStuff Grips. If you want upgraded grips, you can opt to add our black shrink grip sleeve featuring a stylish pattern. 

Available now in Six hot combo colors: 

Shimmering Blue / Hot Pink 
Glistening Green / Silver 
Silver / Hot Pink 
American Flag 

List $19.99 Ours $17.99 with bag, add $3.00

Premium Timbale 8 oz. with Standard Stickstuff Water Based Grip

You've decided to go all out on the Premium Weighted grade Timbale CardioStix. You won't be disappointed. Are you tired of shattering fitness sticks during your workout? Well, we are too! Featuring a staggering almost 3/4 inch diameter, StickStuff Grips, the highest weighted hickory on the market, and no tips to break off, these are sure to please any heavy hitter and add weight to your workout. Unlike plastic fitness sticks, these are virtually indestructible - we guarantee it! Made in the USA with eco-friendly American hickory wood. 

Available in five hot colors: 

Venom Green 
Hot Pink 

List $23.99 Ours $21.99 with bag, add $3.00

Premium Timbale 8 oz. with added Black Heat Shrink Grip 

List $27.74 Ours $24.99 with bag, add $3.00

Durable Nylon Drawstring Bag

The perfect accessory for your Cardiostix fitness drumsticks. Made of durable nylon with drawstring closure and vibrant Cardiostix logo. Now available in Teal, Purple and American Flag colors!

Ours $6.50

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