New Luna Ukuleles

Yesterday we got in a good supply of Luna Ukuleles.  Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles starting at $99 and going up.

We also got in a couple of their Travel Guitars, priced at $179.00

Please feel…


New Vocal Instructor

We have a new instructor starting.  His name is Alexander Drew and he will be teaching on Wednesday evenings.  

Call, or stop in to sign up today.


Seagull Entourage


Autumn is a time for change and the Seagull Entourage Series has undergone a beautiful change of its own with its new Autumn Burst finish! The Entourage Autumn Burst QIT also boasts other exciting new features, such as an…


Cort Acoustic Guitar

The latest addition to Cort’s EasyPlay Collection, the AF505 has a concert body size, 42mm nut width, shortened scale and light-gauge coated strings to help players on their journey. AF505 is specially designed for novices, but with pro-level features…


Schafer's House of Music will closed on Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.  We will be open Tuesday at 10:00am.


New Guitar Teacher


We have a new guitar teacher for beginning guitar students, Mark Abbenante.  He has been working in the store and will now be taking guitar students.  He will be teaching on Wednesday and his lesson rate will…


New Teacher


We have a new teacher starting Mondays.  Sydney Zack, a former student that took vocal lessons, will be teaching voice, piano and ukulele lessons.  For more info, call us at (517) 546-2040.