about wayne

Michigan Guitar Player, Instructor and National Author  

“A Celebration of 43 years as a Musician.” - October 2019 


Wayne Mrdjenovich made a very wise decision in the early nineties when he followed his heart and began teaching private music lessons full time for a living.  For Wayne, music had been a life-long passion. 

“My love for music began at a very young age. When I was a teen, My Father and Mother readily responded to my many requests to buy new albums at the local record store.  I listened to the recordings of many successful artists several times over as I learned to play my favorite songs on my guitar and piano.” 

Wayne sought out the best music teachers available during his own lesson years and development as a young musician.  Mrdjenovich enjoys playing several styles of music including rock, jazz, blues and country. “I enjoy teaching students of all ages from beginning to advanced levels in addition to working with professional musicians too.  I love music and plan to continue with my work as a teacher, writer and audio engineering consultant.” 

Mrdjenovich attributes his teaching success to providing enjoyable lessons in both a positive and proactive learning environment.  “I encourage my students to study the music of their favorite artists.  When students like what they are learning, they easily become familiar with the harmony and melody and are inspired to play these songs for themselves and their friends.” 

Mrdjenovich decided to expand his teaching efforts and reach a wider audience by starting Conduire Music Publishing in July of 2010.  Wayne thoughtfully chose the name “Conduire,” a verb in French, “To lead or to be leading.”  

Wayne Mrdjenovich’s own writing efforts on a consistent basis through Conduire Music Publishing during the past decade, have produced several outstanding music education books. The list includes, Music Theory for Guitar Players and Songwriters - Copyright © 2014; Essential Scales for the Guitar Player - Copyright © 2016; Scales, Modes and Arpeggios for the Guitar Player - Copyright © 2017 and The Harmonic and Melodic Counterparts of Music - Copyright © 2019. 

For more information on enrolling in Wayne Mrdjenovich’s private music lessons, music theory courses and songwriters’ workshops, please call him directly @ (248) 366-8742 or through Schafer’s House of Music @ (517) 546-2040.